Module Parameters

The module parameters are the data values passed into each registrar module function when called.

Registrar module functions all receive the same common set of parameters. These parameters provide information about the specific domain the module command is being invoked for. The parameters also contain the settings defined for the module itself.

Additional variables specific to the action being performed such as EPP code, nameservers and WHOIS contact information may be available depending upon the function being called.

Variable Description
userid The client ID who owns the domain
domainid The unique ID of the domain
sld eg. yourdomain
tld eg. .com
regperiod The registration term for the domain (1-10 years)
eppcode Present only for incoming domain transfer orders (Transfers only)
ns1 First Nameserver (Registrations, Transfers and Nameserver Updates only)
ns2 Second Nameserver
ns3 Third Nameserver
ns4 Fourth Nameserver
ns5 Fifth Nameserver
Contact Information
fullname First name and last name combined
state State code eg. TX
fullstate State name eg. Texas
postcode Postcode/Zip code
countrycode Country code eg. GB
countryname Country name eg. United Kingdom
phonenumber Phone number as the user provided it
phonecc Country code determined based on country
fullphonenumber Format: +CC.xxxxxxxxxxxx
additionalfields An array of additional registrant information fields and their values
adminstate State code eg. TX
adminfullstate State name eg. Texas
adminpostcode Postcode/Zip code
admincountry eg. GB
adminphonenumber Phone number as the user provided it
adminfullphonenumber Format: +CC.xxxxxxxxxxxx
Domain Addons
dnsmanagement True/false for if DNS Management add-on is active
emailforwarding True/false for if Email Forwarding add-on is active
idprotection True/false for if ID Protection add-on is active
Premium Parameters
premiumEnabled True if premium domain orders are enabled in WHMCS (Registration/Transfers only)
premiumCost The cost price fetched at the time of the order being placed
Grace/Redemption Parameters
isInGracePeriod True if domain is within the renewal grace period. Available in the module renewal function only
isInRedemptionGracePeriod True if the domain is within the redemption grace period. Available in the module renewal function only
IDN Parameters
idnlanguage The language code for the domain.
domain_punycode The Punycode version of the domain name.
sld_punycode The SLD with the Punycode domain name.
tld_punycode The TLD with the Punycode domain name.
is_idn Whether the domain is an IDN.