Function Index

The following is an index of all prescribed supported functions for a registrar module.

Your registrar module should only define the functions that your module supports.

Remember, all functions should have the prefix yourmodulename_ and then the function name.

Parameter Description
RegisterDomain Called when the registration of a new domain is initiated within WHMCS.
TransferDomain Called when a domain transfer request is initiated within WHMCS.
RenewDomain Called when a request to renew a domain is initiated within WHMCS.
GetDomainInformation Called when a domain is viewed within WHMCS. Recommended instead of GetNameservers and GetRegistrarLock in WHMCS 7.6 and later.
GetEmailForwarding Called when Email Forwarding is displayed within WHMCS.
SaveEmailForwarding Called when changes to Email Forwarding are submitted.
GetNameservers Called when a domain is viewed within WHMCS. It can return up to 5 nameservers that are set for the domain.
SaveNameservers Called when a change is submitted for a domains nameservers.
GetRegistrarLock Called when a domains details are viewed within WHMCS. It should return the current lock status of a domain.
SaveRegistrarLock Called when the lock status setting is toggled within WHMCS.
GetContactDetails Called when the WHOIS information is displayed within WHMCS.
SaveContactDetails Called when revised WHOIS information is submitted.
ResendIRTPVerificationEmail Called when a request is made to resend the IRTP contact verification emails.
GetDNS Called when the DNS Host Records are requested to be viewed within WHMCS.
SaveDNS Called when any changes to DNS Host Records information is submitted.
IDProtectToggle Called when the ID Protection setting is toggled on or off.
GetEPPCode Called when the EPP Code is requested for a transfer out.
ReleaseDomain Called when a domain release is requested (eg. UK IPSTag Changes).
RegisterNameserver Called when a child nameserver registration request comes from WHMCS.
ModifyNameserver Called when a child nameserver modification request comes from WHMCS.
DeleteNameserver Called when a child nameserver deletion request comes from WHMCS.
RequestDelete Called when a domain deletion request comes from WHMCS.
ClientArea Used to define module specific client area output. It accepts a return of HTML for display on the domain details page of the client area. Output via a template file within the module folder named “clientarea.tpl” is also possible. This function is discussed in more detail later on in the docs.
ClientAreaCustomButtonArray Used to define custom functions that the module supports. Customers can invoke and run these from the client area. The functions can perform actions or product page output in the client area. Example usages for this are to provide domain management pages, bandwidth reporting pages, etc…
ClientAreaAllowedFunctions Like the above, used to define custom functions. These are functions that customers can invoke, but are not shown as buttons by default. (i.e. custom client area output will invoke them).
Sync Called when a domain name’s expiry date and status change at registry level is requested for propagation into WHMCS. (i.e by the Domain Syncronisation feature).
TransferSync Called when the status of a domain transfer at registry level is requested for propagation into WHMCS. (i.e by the Domain Syncronisation feature).
GetTldPricing Called when the importation and synchronising of TLD pricing, into WHMCS, from a registrar is requested. (i.e by the Registrar TLD & Pricing Sync Utility).