Client Area Output

Using this function, it is possible to output custom HTML in the Client Area when a client is managing a domain name.

Using the _ClientArea function, you can return output that will be shown in the Domain Overview when viewing a domain in the Client Area.

All the parameters available in other registrar module functions are available to you within this function. Visit the Module Parameters page for information on the variables available in $params.

The function should return the HTML to be rendered on the page.

Note: We recommend avoiding making remote API calls within this function as doing so will result in increased overheads for page load and potentially slower page load times.

 * Client Area Output.
 * This function renders output to the domain details interface within
 * the client area. The return should be the HTML to be output.
 * @param array $params common module parameters
 * @see
 * @return string HTML Output
function registrarmodule_ClientArea($params)
    $output = <<<HTML
<div class="alert alert-info">
    Your custom HTML output goes here...
    return $output;