Metadata Parameters

[Registrar Modules][domain-registrars] support a number of metadata configuration parameters.

They include:

Name Type Supported As Of Default Description
DisplayName Text 6.0 Module Name An alternate display name that will be used instead of the filename if defined.
APIVersion Text 5.2 1.1 Defines the API version the module uses. Use 1.1 unless you have a need specific to use 1.0.
NonLinearRegistrationPricing Boolean 8.1 false Indicates that there is a difference between the registration amount and renewal amount when importing TLDs. If you set this to true, WHMCS will use a nonlinear equation to calculate the appropriate pricing.

The following example illustrates how one might make a simple MetaData function.

Example MetaData Function

function mymodule_MetaData() {
    return array(
        'DisplayName' => 'myModule',
        'APIVersion' => '1.1',
        'NonLinearRegistrationPricing' => false,