Domain Registrars


Registrar Modules allow for the registration and management of domains within WHMCS.

Registrar Modules are also referred to as Domain Modules.

The core function of a registrar module is registering, transferring and renewing of domains. These are triggered when payments are made within WHMCS for domain purchases or renewals.

Other functionality a registrar module can provide includes the following:

  • checking availability of domains
  • providing domain name suggestions
  • viewing and updating of nameservers
  • viewing and updating of WHOIS information
  • viewing and management of DNS Host Records
  • viewing and management of Email Forwarding services
  • fetching of the EPP Code / Domain Release
  • management of Registrar Lock status
  • registering, modification and deletion of Private Nameservers
  • enable/disable of ID Protection
  • domain expiry date and status syncronisation
  • transfer status monitoring
  • deletion requests

Unlimited custom additional functionality can also be implemented using custom methods.