Getting Started

The default template that ships with WHMCS 6.0 and later is called the Six theme.

Before you begin customising it for your needs, the first step is to create your own copy of the template. This ensures your customisations are not lost when updating.

Method 1: Using Source Control

If you’re familiar with GIT Version Control, we make the Six theme available as a read-only repository on Github that enables you to build your template in a way that can be tracked and automatically updated.

To use this, navigate to the WHMCS templates directory:

$ cd ~/whmcs/templates/

Clone the Six template theme repo into your new template directory:

$ git clone my-template-name

Now begin making your changes

Method 2: Non source controlled

Alternatively, if you aren’t familiar with GIT Source Control or don’t wish to use it, you can simply make a copy of the Six template directory.

  1. Copy the ~/templates/six/ directory to ~/templates/yourname/

Template names should be a single word, consisting of only lowercase letters and numbers.

Now it’s time to customise your theme.