Server Sync

As of WHMCS 7.8, modules can implement the List Accounts functionality to offer sync functionality to administrative users (Server Sync Tool).
Implementing this functionality into a provisioning module enables WHMCS to compare a list of accounts returned by a remote system against service records stored within WHMCS, and provides admin users with the ability to perform import and sync operations.

Server Sync Tool

To allow WHMCS to import accounts from a remote system, meta data fields, and a new function must be included in the module files.

use WHMCS\Service\Status;


function mymodule_MetaData()
 return array(
     // The display name of the unique identifier to be displayed on the table output
     'ListAccountsUniqueIdentifierDisplayName' => 'Domain',
     // The field in the return that matches the unique identifier
     'ListAccountsUniqueIdentifierField' => 'domain',
     // The config option indexed field from the _ConfigOptions function that identifies the product on the remote system
     'ListAccountsProductField' => 'configoption1',
function mymodule_ListAccounts(array $params)
    $accounts = [];
    try {
        // Call the remote api to obtain the list of accounts. Use the values provided by
        // WHMCS in `$params`. (
        //$data = mymodule_call($params, 'listaccounts');
        foreach ($data as $account) {
            $accounts[] = [
                // The remote accounts email address
                'email' => '[email protected]', 
                // The remote accounts username
                'username' => 'john', 
                // The remote accounts primary domain name
                'domain' => '', 
                // This can be one of the above fields or something different.
                // In this example, the unique identifier is the domain name
                'uniqueIdentifier' => '', 
                // The accounts package on the remote server
                'product' => 'Basic', 
                // The remote accounts primary IP Address
                'primaryip' => '', 
                // The remote accounts creation date (Format: Y-m-d H:i:s)
                'created' => '2019-07-02 13:15:00', 
                // The remote accounts status (Status::ACTIVE or Status::SUSPENDED)
                'status' => Status::ACTIVE, 
        // When returning the accounts, ensure that you return a success as a boolean
        // and accounts as an array.
        return [
            'success'  => true, // Boolean value
            'accounts' => $accounts,
    } catch (Exception $e) {
        return [
            'success'  => false, // Boolean value
            'error' => $e->getMessage(),


A list of Module Parameters passed to this function can be found here.

WHMCS expects the following parameters returned for each account:

Parameter Type Description
email string The remote accounts email address.
username string The remote accounts username.
domain string The remote accounts primary domain name.
uniqueIdentifier string If one is not provided by the remote server, we recommend setting this to the domain name.
product string The accounts package on the remote server.
primaryip string The remote accounts primary IP Address.
created string The remote accounts creation date. (Format: Y-m-d H:i:s)
status string The remote accounts status. (WHMCS\Service\Status::ACTIVE or WHMCS\Service\Status::SUSPENDED)