Admin Dashboard Widgets

Admin Dashboard Widgets are displayed on the admin area homepage.

They allow you to provide convenient access to key information and functionality from your module within the admin homepage dashboard.

Below is an example of how a dashboard widget is defined.


add_hook('AdminHomeWidgets', 1, function() {
    return new HelloWorldWidget();

 * Hello World Widget.
class HelloWorldWidget extends \WHMCS\Module\AbstractWidget
    protected $title = 'Hello World';
    protected $description = '';
    protected $weight = 150;
    protected $columns = 1;
    protected $cache = false;
    protected $cacheExpiry = 120;
    protected $requiredPermission = '';

    public function getData()
        return array();

    public function generateOutput($data)
        return <<<EOF
<div class="widget-content-padded">
    Hello World!

More information on the AbstractWidget class used in the above example can be found at