Installation & Activation

To install the new module, upload it to the /modules/gateways/ folder of your WHMCS installation.

If the module includes a callback file, that should be uploaded to the /modules/gateways/callback/ folder.

Once uploaded, navigate to Setup > Payment Gateways to activate and configure the new module.

Important Note The process of activating a module detects the type of module that has been created. Therefore if you experience unexpected behaviours, please try deactivating and reactivating your module before continuing.

Troubleshooting errors during activation

If you receive a blank page or error message within the Setup > Payment Gateways page upon uploading your new payment gateway module, this indicates there could be a syntax error within the new code.

To debug this, you can turn on error reporting. To do this, navigate to Setup > General Settings > Other and check the Display Errors setting.

This enables PHP error reporting and should show the cause of any issues. Once resolved, remember to disable Display Errors again.