Notification Settings

Notification Settings are configured on a per notification rule basis.

Notification Settings should be used for user configurable settings that are specific to an individual notification. For settings that are the same for all notification rules, Provider Settings should be used instead.

In the case of our HipChat and Slack notification providers, examples of Notification Settings are fields for defining the Channel/Room to notify, as well as the ability to customise the notification message body.

The field definitions you return from this method are used to build a form in the admin notification rule user interface.

Supported field types are: text, password, yesno, dropdown, radio, textarea and dynamic.

public function notificationSettings()
    return [
        'priority' => [
            'FriendlyName' => 'Notification Priority',
            'Type' => 'dropdown',
            'Options' => [
            'Description' => 'Choose the notification priority for the alert.',

See also Dynamic Fields