Access Control

Access to the API by default is restricted by IP.

For situations where IP access control is not feasible, an Access Key can also be configured.

Managing Allowed IPs

To configure the Allowed IPs, login to the WHMCS admin area and navigate to Setup > General Settings > Security.

There you can add and remove IPs, along with a note referencing.

Configuring an Access Key

Alternatively an access key can be configured to allow IP restrictions to be bypassed.

It works by defining a secret key/passphrase in the WHMCS configuration.php file which is then passed into all API calls. To configure it, add a line as follows to your configuration.php file in the root WHMCS directory.

$api_access_key = 'secret_key_passphrase_goes_here';

Following the introduction of an API Access Key, you can then include it in your API requests as follows: